Do’s and Don’t for encountering a vampire: things YA taught us

    Do's and Don't for encountering a vampire: things YA taught us

    Let’s face it: we all have a soft spot for the eternally damned. YA made us love vampires and we aren’t sorry about it. HOWEVER, our favorite books have ALSO taught us that there are certain things to do and not do if you encounter a handsome broody potentially blood-thirsty character. At no. 1…


    1. DO make besties with the good vamps.

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    Vampire Academy taught us that there are some vampires you want to keep close. Rose and Lissa are the definition of BFFs.


    2. DO NOT take night time strolls through the streets of New Orleans by yourself

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    Thankfully Celine is badass and got herself out of that one. But The Beautiful definitely taught us to BE CAREFUL.


    3. DO play baseball with them

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    Cuz we all love this scene.


    4. DO NOT forget to bring garlic, vervain, etc. to fend off any potential bad guys

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    All vampires have their weaknesses.


    5. DO ask them if they sparkle

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    OoOoh shiny


    6. DO NOT fall in love with two immortal brothers

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    We love triangles but you really gotta watch out for the eternal ones


    7. DO trust Dimitri. Except when you shouldn’t.

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    Honestly, it depends on the day.





    8. DO NOT give up all your memories so you can forget you were in love with Bastien as he becomes a vampire because it makes us readers REALLY SAD.

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    The ending of The Beautiful KILLED US. Can we have The Damned like now please? Because we also can’t wait for Renée Ahdieh to hurt us more.


    9. And finally, DO fall in love with them.

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    Because we love to read about it.



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